Kidnasium Mixer

Your ultimate gym class! Each week participants will experience an exciting motor skills program while  increasing their physical fitness and literacy. We will rotate between our gymnastics skills training, cosmic kids yoga,  fitkidz, and ninja warrior classes.  This is a great option for children who love a variety of active activities!

Intro (2-3 years old)
Junior (3-4 years old)
FunFit (4-5 years old)
Mini Master (6-7 years old)
Kidnasium Master (7- 8 years old)

Please Note: Our program is billed monthly, students will have progression parties at the end of each month. Students are able to move levels once prerequisite skills are successfully demonstrated. There is no need to re-enroll every month, once you would like to cancel your registration, please provide us with one months written notice by filling out our cancellation form. There is a one time administrative fee of $25 for all new participants


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