Kidnasium Mixer

Your ultimate gym class! Each week participants will experience an exciting motor skills program while  increasing their physical fitness and literacy. We will rotate between our gymnastics skills training, cosmic kids yoga,  fitkidz, and ninja warrior classes.  This is a great option for children who love a variety of active activities!

Intro (2-3 years old)
Junior (3-4 years old)
FunFit (4-5 years old)
Mini Master (6-7 years old)
Kidnasium Master (7- 8 years old)

Please Note: Our program is billed monthly, students will have progression parties at the end of each month. Students are able to move levels once prerequisite skills are successfully demonstrated. There is no need to re-enroll every month, once you would like to cancel your registration, please provide us with one months written notice by filling out our cancellation form. There is an annual administrative fee of $25 for all participants

Info About Our Recreational Programs

Class Levels

Classes in each program are divided by age and or skill levels. Children are able to move through our classes at their own pace and once all skills are accomplished they are free to move into the next level. Please click on the link below to find out more about our levels within each program


Each month students will get to celebrate accomplishments with a show and tell and progression party! Students will receive an individual chart to track all of their new skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When does your session classes start and end?

We no longer operate with sessions, classes are ongoing and billed monthly. Our new programs and classes launch April 10th, 2018, you are able to start and stop on your own schedule (as long as there is availability in your desired class).

2) How do I cancel?

When you decide you need a break or would like to withdraw from our program we ask that you provide us with 1 months written notice prior to your cancel date. Please email cancellations to with the subject line "Class Cancellation".

3) Are there any program breaks, Do you offer make up classes?

Yes and Yes! We take 4 weeks off per year - 2 weeks over the Winter Break , 1 week over March Break and the first week of July. If you need to miss a class outside of these weeks we offer 1 make up class per month. Make up classes must be scheduled and completed in the month the class was missed.

4) When is payment due and how much do I pay?

Payment is automatically billed on the 1st day of the month for the full class fee. If you cancel mid month your last payment will be prorated to reflect only the classes that will be attended. If classes begin mid month a 1 time prorated fee will be taken at the time of registration.

5) What are key differences between your new and old programs?

It is the same great classes with new features added. We now have more instructors which means smaller class ratios and more learning opportunities. With classes being split by age and skill level they are able to be more streamlined and focused on physical, cognitive and social/emotional development. Monthly progression parties to celebrate accomplishments and quarterly or yearly showcase depending on what program you are registered for.

6) What is the annual $25 admin fee for?

This new fee goes towards licensing, insurance, a Kidnasium t-shirt for each participant with a new design issued each year, and helps to cover the free drop in play for all participants in our rolling registration.

Not sure what class to register your child in or just have a general question or comment? Please email  or call us at 416.480.2608


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